Accounts Management

ITSOLUSENZ Offers Customisable Accounting Software Packages. Our software, although used by some private industry clients, is designed to meet their special needs for all aspects of Offices Management. The core systems are available as stand-alone modules, and provide the best value as integrated applications. The General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Balance Sheet (BS), Finance Statement (FS), Profit and Loss (PL) and Trail Balance (TL) functions are consolidated into one stand-alone module. Payroll & inventory Management also can be run on its own if so desired. In addition, we offer other modules which deliver further integration, time savings and value to the client. These include:

Tracks all relevant employee details required by a Human Resources department. Absences, absent entitlements, seniority, evaluations, FTE details, and demographic information are just some of the types of information that this system records.

Substitute Booking:
This application is flexible in its operation. The system can be used to find a Substitute Employee, and also record all relevant details for Employee Absences. It can be set up to run within any Office environment.

Web Based Account Access:
This software works in conjunction with your existing financial software, capitalizing on the integration between the systems and delivering immediate savings in time and money to our customers. Remote users can access financial information, enter Purchase Orders and Outstanding Invoices, and access Vendor information. All user rights are customisable to enhance or restrict remote data entry capacity.

Web Based Employee Applications:
This module’s primary functionality is the collection of applications for employment at your Office via the Internet. Once collected the information can be sorted and searched to find the right applicant for the right job.