Application Migration

ITSOLUSENZ’s Application Migration solutions are a very intellectual and innovative that are designed to aid enterprises to deal with their outdated technologies. We focus on issues where in applications source multiple database’s, languages, and diverse systems. We offer migration solutions that enables seamless migration of an application from various environments. Through our migration solutions, we enable the enterprise to manage and build their IT architecture and thereby reduce their IT investments and develop business performance.

Three special ingredients of ITSOLUSENZ’s migration are Database migration, Language migration, and OS migration. We offer valuable services like pre and post migration support and verify that the migration process has a smooth transition from one platform to another without any lacking performance lapse or performance stagnation. Merging or systems intelligence with migration expertise, we reap the best of the latest technology to migrate mainframe application to distributed client /server or the web aided system.

Highlights on services provided
Database Migration
Language Migration
Operating System Migration
Code Restructuring
Performance optimization
Risk management
Pre and post migration support
Minimized time-frames, slice-down costs