Customized Desktop Application

ITSOLUSENZ’s skims the cream of technologies to develop the wealthier, user-friendly and efficient and effective desktop application that executes offline and run on the web browser. We aid you to spruce-up your business environment through easy to perform, easy to access, new generation Rich desktop Application (RDAs) and Rich Internet Desktop application (RIDAs). Our desktop applications facilitate instant content coherency, fast file system access and ready management of downloadable content even while working offline.

Through an application of our industry expertise and technical experience we improve and grow desktop applications that reduce the impact of complexity of your business process, develop your business performance and gears your business productivity. We make the complicated and tedious operations very simple and there by our desktop Application help you synchronize important procedures and streamline your IT operation in a proper, developmental enhancing manner. Keeping with the GDM, our “webified” desktop application are always in sync with a rich user friendly application. This enables you to make use of various features and facilities offered by RIAs.

Highlights in services offered:
We design and develop desktop applications that are technically-effective, risk-repellent and easy to handle. Our applications enhance the desktop and is modular to upgrade or change and with evidence against data thefts or technical mishaps. Our desktop application development deals with several platforms and languages.