Light App

You can use Light to ask about anything – movies, music, travel, sports, facts, meanings, history, geography, psychology, fun facts, trivia, and more. When you ask a query you will receive an exact answer. Unlike a search engine, you dont have to go through various links to get an answer. Light algorithms do it for you so that you are not stuck to the screen, even if it sometimes takes a few minutes. Light will of course notify you when the answer is ready, so you don’t waste precious time.

How Does it works ?

Light is an answering engine based on NLP, machine learning and man-machine hybrid technologies. Light gives you relevant answers to any question you ask. Light uses an NLP engine on BIG DATA servers to analyze your query, correct it, classify it, understand it, predict the answer type, source the answer, prepare the answer and give you what you were looking for. Light has a pool of experts that contribute to making sure you get your answers if the System is not able to get an answer on the web.


TYPE : Mobile Application

CLIENT : Light App